Can my community, group, or company affiliate with Linexium?

Ever wanted to affiliate yourself with Linexium? Your company, youtube channel, twitch channel, gaming community, or even your own gaming company can become a Linexium Affiliate!


Here are the following steps on how to do so;


  • Create an affiliate link. You can can do this via your Client Portal, alternately you can click here.
  • Create a ticket at our discord for a video and verbal advertisement.
  • Share your link around and the more clients and orders gained via your link, you earn a percentage.
  • Thats it! You now claim real cash for supporting Linexium!


I want to do this, what requirements are there?


  • Twitch - Must have at least 400+ Followers.
  • Twitch - Must be a twitch affiliate/partner.
  • Twitch - Must be willing to advertise Linexium.
  • Youtube - Have at least 650+ Subscribers.
  • Youtube - Have a Linexium Advert during the video/stream.
  • Youtube - Must not have any strikes from youtube.


For other requirements please email either or


Regards, Ben, 

General Manager, 

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